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Aug 2016: Launching our NEW deezo Baby rompers!

I am going to share with you a little secret! in 2009 when we just started deezo, we had 4 T-shirts and 2 rompers as our initial collection planning. We even had the funniest romper ever say: Something smells funny and an image of  a fish and bubbles, only the bubbles coming from the back of the fish. Anyway, the T-shirts went so well we kept on doing them... and we left the rompers behind, until two events that happened this year that made us change our mind:  1 - (1) Lyssa our US buyer asked us to start doing some baby wear and (2) - our friends just had their first baby Daniel .

The result: A Collection of 9 totally original deezo style rompers!

China is finalizing our order this days to be in Australia by 15/09

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