Welcome to our Drop shipping program

Thanks for choosing deezo kids for you supplier

Here we will give you our feed and resources to make your shop successful .

Our term is short and simple, you need to commit to our program for at least 3 month to start see result.

Setting you shop

  1. Download our shopify feed
  2. Import it onto your products (Products-> Import )
  3. Be alert to our timely newsletter to indicate new product or sold out, low inventory items.
  4. We set the price as our own price online @ www.deezo.com.au.
  5. upon sale please fwd us your order and we will supply it to your end client.
  6. Your commission is 40% from the full online price.
    no subject to discount.
    E.g item selling price $14.95. your commission: $5.98. you passing to deezo
  7. Delivery price will be charge at full rate.
  8. International deliveries are at flat rate $20
  9. Return and Exchange within 14 days. buyer need to pay for returning the item and the new post charge.
  10. In case of faulty item or error packing we allow client to keep the item.
  11. We will send you the tracking number with in next biz day!
  12. All our items shipped from 3799 Australia. (Melbourne metropolitan)


  1. Life style folder
  2. shopify product feed
  3. Delivery charge page
  4. Size chart page

Submit order

Fwd your order to edo@deezo.com.au

Monthly subscription

we charge $19.95  per month. charge at the 1st week of every month.
our paypal user info@deezo.com.au

in the description please quote your shop name or email address

 New client have have 7 days free try


  1. We do not allow our items to be display with Mature, Hate, Adult content
  2. Deezo kids do not take responsibility for any of your content
  3. Deezo kids will supply only, according to it terms as publish on our website.
  4. Deezo can terminate you drop-shipping access at any time.
  5. Deezo will shipped order to your client only after you paid the order + Delivery - your Commission. NO CREDIT


Please get in touch!